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We have a strong commitment to ethical business practices and wish to reinforce that commitment by working with clients who respect the same values. For this reason we are happy to set out the guarantee and philosophy which will guide our business dealings. This page also outlines our pricing structure.

Our Simple but Powerful Guarantee

If you do not feel that we have provided a service to the standards expected and agreed, then you do not have to pay us a penny; and you are the sole judge in this matter.

Our Philosophy

Put quite simply, if we do not feel we are best placed to provide you with what you need, we will say so and save you time and money. There is nothing to be gained by either party if we take on a commission without the necessary time and skills to do a professional job. This site gives you a feel for what we do, and indicates the boundaries to our work. We do not consider ourselves experts at everything (for example we do not presume to work in the area of corporate financing or product marketing).

Pricing Policy

Whilst our standard charge is by the day, we do not charge for time which the client does not need. Therefore, if we are only asked for half a day's work, you will only pay for half a day.

Our normal daily charge for UK based clients, excluding expenses and VAT, is £620 (£330 per half day). This rate is the same for off-site preparation and research time as for on-site activities. Rates for work overseas will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

For generally advertised development programmes where a client is booking one or more places, there will be a charge per delegate rather than a daily fee.

Travel expenses are normally charged at 45 pence per mile, based on AA calculations.

Hotel accommodation train and air tickets, and other subsistence expenses incurred in respect of the consultant are charged at cost. Training and hotel accommodation booked by Development Consultancy on behalf of clients will be invoiced directly to the client by the venue concerned or paid by Development Consultancy and recharged to the client at cost

Special Order Consumables such as software licence fees, publications, and psychometric testing materials, are charged at cost.

VAT will be added to all invoices in respect of eligible items