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Essential Skills for influencing in Healthcare

A guide for Healthcare Managers on how to influence others with integrity and success

Andrew Scowcroft and Andrew Price are pleased to announce the publication of their second book, released 22nd Dec 2011. Available to pre-order direct from us for £24.99+ £1.50 p&p.

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"There is no shortage of issues to be addressed in healthcare, and no shortage of good ideas. What is often lacking is an approach to influencing change that has genuine integrity and trust built in from the start. And integrity is not just a word or a vaguely held value. It has to be demonstrated practically through the way managers and clinicians engage with their colleagues."

From the Preface

This highly practical book provides clinicians and managers with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to successfully influence their staff and colleagues.

Built on the conviction that the way to influence others is through respect and understanding – not threat or manipulation – it promotes an optimistic, confident approach to leadership where trust and respect is fostered.

The book guides readers through areas such as:

• Self-awareness and personality

• change management

• organisational culture

• influencing in formal settings

• removing barriers to learning

Accessibility and practicality are combined with sound theoretical foundations and strong values and the numerous case studies and examples illustrate key points and aid in real-world application.

For those intent on improving their workplace, making meaningful leadership decisions, and improving healthcare services and systems, Essential Skills for Influencing in Healthcare and its companion volume Essential Skills for Managing in Healthcare provide vital skills, understanding and inspiration.


Health professionals often take on managerial roles at short notice and with little or no preparation. Although they may be highly clinically qualified and accomplished, the practicalities and relationships involved in management - helping staff to feel motivated and valued, building and leading teams, managing meetings and presentations, writing reports and managing change, to name but a few - present new challenges and pitfalls for which they are unprepared.

This book is for managers and prospective managers who want to approach their new responsibilities professionally from the very beginning. Based on the authors' successful 'Vital Signs' education programme, it identifies the critical skills needed to hit the ground running as a manager. It is an accessible, easily comprehensible guide to gaining the self-confidence and the respect of staff, and to creating a steady platform for acquiring and mastering a wide range of skills in the future.

' This book is dedicated to helping leaders and mangers prepare for people responsibilities. It also addresses three areas which usually make leaders and managers uncomfortable - running meetings successfully, making presentations and writing reports. (it) gives accessible and practical examples and I have no hesitation in commending it to a wide readership.'

From the Forward by John Edmonstone

Essential Skills for Managing in Healthcare

£19.99 + £1.50 p&p.

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